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Meine Homepage ist in deutscher und englischer Sprache gehalten - so war es für mich keine Ueberraschung, folgenden englischen Text zu erhalten. Ich habe mich sehr über den Inhalt gefreut, auch, dass ich ihn mit Erlaubnis der Verfasserin hier einfügen darf.

I am English, living in Switzerland until earlier this year when we returned to the UK.

I found your website last year after being diagnosed at the end of January 2016 with early stage breast cancer. This was a surprise diagnosis even for the gynaecology Doctor. I was 45 years old, had been married for almost 4 years. During that time we had been trying to have a baby and were considering IVF treatment. The diagnosis changed everything, as it does for people. I was dealing with cancer and also the prospect of not having a children. The tumour was hormone responsive, small, early stage and not aggressive. The sentinel lymph nodes were healthy. According to my Doctor in a bad situation I was in the best position. Good news.

I felt in shock, lost, alone, scared, in a foreign country where I did not speak very much German. I now believe I was in a very good place to have had this experience and receive treatment.

Your website detailing your story including aftercare updates was an invaluable source of information, support and help to me. I have felt compelled to write to you to say "thank you" since completing treatment last year. Today is the day I am doing this. The balance of comprehensive, informative medical information; practical explanations and photographs of your experience and also your emotional journey is very good. I hope it has helped you heal from the experience and that you have had positive feedback from other women who it has helped.

The fact you also wrote in English is a gift to other women and their families, particularly women in my position living in a foreign country who do not speak the language very well. Your website helped me prepare for the experience practically and emotionally, what to expect in the radiotherapy planning and treatment. The treatment plan and all the photographs you added, including effects of the radiotherapy also helped prepare me.

As you know the day you are diagnosed your life changes forever. I am recovered and well following the operation and radiotherapy treatment.
I give time to take care of myself both physically and emotionally, to see and feel the good things in nature and life.

Some days my emotions are not so good, this is normal I know. I was very nervous about leaving the healthcare in Switzerland and the good care of my Doctor. Relocating to England is more than a country move, it is also a healthcare move. I feel very emotional and apprehensive about the change. In two weeks I will see a new Doctor and begin aftercare in the UK. I have also been very private about having had the breast cancer, partly due to the shock and needing time to emotionally accept and assimilate it into my life. I will now integrate it into my new life in England.

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story. I hope you will continue to be well and enjoy your life. Creating the website you have done a very special thing to help people including help English speakers of which there are many of us in Switzerland. I thank you from my heart.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to do so.

So hoffe ich, dass recht viele Forum-BesucherInnen das Englische verstehen werden. Es ist ein guter Bericht...
In diesem Sinne grüsst herzlich Erika Rusterholz
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