My Breast Cancer and its History: Summary









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Medical Support:

PD Dr. Mathias Fehr

PD Dr. Christoph Rageth


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Breast Cancer Infos:




The following CLICK's take you directly to more information and interesting facts about breast cancer. It is just a small selection from the wealth on the internet, but the individual descriptions may be helpful:


European Society of Mastology: EUSOMA

Gold standards in the management of breast diseases


The European Breast Cancer Coalition

American Cancer Society

For Women Facing a Breast Biopsy

for patients: Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy


Home of the journal ONCOLOGY

National Cancer Institute-US

Overall informations about breast cancer

Susan G. Komen

Understanding breast cancer

Cancer Support Community

there are many ways to help yourself and others...




also a theme: Cord Blood Banking

compare Cord Blood Banks

what is cord blood banking?

cord blood guide: why/what/how...



Medical Malpractice Center

malpractice awareness: vital information, tips, resources



Neu und hilfreich - new and helpful, but only in German language:

Der Verein, der bei Verdacht oder Diagnose Brustkrebs weiterhilft

mit Kurzbeschreibungen wichtiger Themen und eigenen Erfahrungen, mit Links zu medizinischen Informationen und Wissenswertem aus dem Internet. Ergänzt mit e-mail-Beratung und unterstützt von einem Ärzte-Beirat - alles an einem Ort: