My Breast Cancer and its History: Summary















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Medical Support:

PD Dr. Mathias Fehr

PD Dr. Christoph Rageth


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Breast Cancer Infos:




The following CLICK's take you directly to more information and interesting facts about breast cancer. It is just a small selection from the wealth on the internet, but the individual descriptions may be helpful:


European Society of Mastology: EUSOMA

Gold standards in the management of breast diseases


The European Breast Cancer Coalition

American Cancer Society

For Women Facing a Breast Biopsy


All about breast health and biopsy infos (Mammotome®)


Home of the journal ONCOLOGY

National Cancer Institute-US

Overall informations about breast cancer

TransMed Network-US

Online Management of Breast Diseases - Patient Education

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Understanding breast cancer

Cancer Support Community

there are many ways to help yourself and others...


tattoo ideas and artist info to mastectomy patients

also a theme: The Cord Blood Center

BKV Cordblood

cord blood banking: why/what/how... answers:

Medical Malpractice Center

malpractice awareness: vital information, tips, resources




Neu und hilfreich - in German language:

Der Verein, der bei Verdacht oder Diagnose Brustkrebs weiterhilft

mit Kurzbeschreibungen wichtiger Themen und eigenen Erfahrungen, mit Links zu medizinischen Informationen und Wissenswertem aus dem Internet. Ergänzt mit e-mail-Beratung und unterstützt von einem Ärzte-Beirat - alles an einem Ort: