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My Breast Cancer and its History


My Garden in Italy

a jewel at the Riviera dei Fiori / Liguria - a few impressions:

In December 1992 I have found by chance this little spot: a garden, belonging to it a studio with a small bath room and a portico (an open hall as a passageway to the garden). I saw the old venerable house during its restoration. I was told that it had been a small cloister in earlier times. This I can well understand, because it stands beside the church of the small village, two kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea. Although the garden was then full of building material, I felt something like love at first sight. Indeed, the room with the vault cover, belonging to the garden, promised to certainly become wonderful by the renovation. The other larger eight apartments didn't interest me.


This garden has developed during the past years into a small paradise. I am occupied for some days about 5 - 6 times an year by maintaining the mainly exotic plants and by waiting for their blossoms.

However, my presence is also necessary to trim the plants and to prevent them from suffering of thirst. Also the oranges, lemons and loquats (Nespole) have to be picked at the right time. The small, crammed garden, measuring not even 100 m², therefore needs my care urgently. It gives me well-beeing, I can keep myself fit with garden work and indulge in dreams....

More about this garden and its surrounding can be found at

NEERI-ORCHIDS  (= my husband's homepage: see "in Italy")

Entrance with roses, background with closed portico (passageway)

small terrace with succulents in terracotta pots

View to the south: little green area with Italian orchids -

behind: shade by bushes, Orange Tree, Aloe

Trumpetflower / Campsis radicans

outlook to the Mediterranean Sea


(behind: neighbour's garden)

Camellia, Bromeliads under the Orange tree

tropical orchids and grill in the shadow of Loquat tree (Nespole)

Strelitzia reginae

Löwenohr / Leonotis leonurus

Aeonium arboreum (Succulent)

Aloe striatula in early summer

Aloe in winter

Kap-Geissblatt/Tecoma capensis

in front of garden wall

Salbeiblättrige Zistrose /

Cistus salviifolius

Weissliche Zistrose /

Cistus albidus

Leptospermum scoparium (Myrtengewächs)

Indianer-Seidenpflanze /

Asclepias curassavica

Trumpetflower /

Campsis radicans var. flava

Aibika / Abelmoschus manihot

Pandorea jasminoides

Epidendrum radicans

(Orchid, protection in winter)

Dendrobium nobile-Hybride

(Orchid, protection in winter)

Mini-Cymbidium Show Girl


Mini-Cymbidium Pipeta


Wandelröschen / Lantana camara

rose bushes at the entrance

Camellia japonica

"Comte de Gomer"

Tillandsia aeranthos

Königskerze / Verbascum blattaria

Levkoje / Matthiola incana

Gladiolus italicus

Mittlere Glockenblume /

Campanula medium


edible tubers

Prunkwinde / Ipomoea indica

Binsenlilie /

Aphyllanthes monspeliensis

Jungfer im Grünen /

Nigella damascena

Lemontree (bio)

Orangetree (bio)

Japanische Wollmispel /

Eriobotrya japonica (bio)

Granatapfelbaum "Nana" /

Punica granatum

Blaue Holzbiene /

Xylocopa violacea

Russischer Bär /

Euplagia quadripunctaria

Schwalbenschwanz /

Papilio machaon

Segelfalter / Papilio podalirius

Gottesanbeterin / Mantis religiosa

in typical pose

Gottesanbeterin / Mantis religiosa

on a white gardentable

Eidechse / Lacertidae

Eidechse / Lacertidae

meal is coming: an ant

adult mediterranean Tree Frogs (Hyla meridionalis = short stripes at the sides) and also very young

european Tree Frogs (Hyla arborea with side stripes as long as to the hint legs) like to be in my Riviera-Garden

more about the young Hylas of summer 2008:

(some pictures with detailed explanation from the spawn to the tiny tree frog... (in German)


How the Riviera Garden and its environment presents itself after cold winter (temperatures around freezing point):

(15 pictures in large format with text in German taken during the visit between Febr. 26th and March 4th, 2006)


In Facebook some large pictures (click on them) are inserted, publicly for all:


Thanks to this garden I felt the last years quite fit.



For 24 years now the Riviera Garden gives me the certain something I need for my well-being. Some plants are unfortunately no longer available - others, as succulents who need little care, have been added.


The older age does not really bother me, it is the successive health problem. The regular stays in my wonderful garden at the Mediterranean Sea help me to cope with everything more easily.

Erika Rusterholz im Januar 2017

more about my health condition and the documented "events":

76-year-old (picture 2011)

81-year-old (jan 2017)

August 2018: I had to stiffen the lumbar spine because of persistent back pain, which at least for the time being does not allow me to bend down to the floor. I've looked after the garden for 25 years, now it seems that the time has come to give it up.

As of January 1, 2019, I gave away as a gift the garden and associated property (portico and studio, fully furnished and equipped with everything you need for a good living) after an invitation to tender on the homepage and Facebook: A gardener from the Zurich area now will take care of the property and my garden in particular, the notarial transfer took place on January 17, 2020.



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