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My Breast Cancer and its History

Summer 2005:

My Garden in Italy - a jewel at the Riviera dei Fiori / Liguria

In December, 1992, I have found by chance this little spot: a garden, belonging to it a studio with a small bath room and a portico (an open hall as a passageway to the garden). I saw the old venerable house during its restoration. I was told that it had been a small cloister in earlier times. This I can well understand, because it stands beside the church of the small village, two kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea. Although the garden was then full of building material, I felt something like love at first sight. Indeed, the room with the vault cover, belonging to the garden, promised to certainly become wonderful by the renovation. The other larger eight apartments didn't interest me.


This garden has developed during the past years into a small paradise. I am occupied for some days almost every month by maintaining the mainly exotic plants and by waiting for their blossoms.

However, my presence is also necessary to trim the plants and to prevent them from suffering of thirst. Also the oranges, tangerines, lemons and loquats (Nespole) have to be picked at the right time. The small, crammed garden, measuring not even 100 m², therefore needs my care urgently. It gives me well-beeing, I can keep myself fit with garden work and indulge in dreams....


More about this garden and its surrounding can be found at

NEERI-ORCHIDS  (= my husband's homepage: see "in Italy")


Entrance with roses, in the back the portico (passageway)


Geranium and Sukkulents in the small front garden


View from the portico to the south into the garden


Outlook to the Mediterranean Sea


Bougainvillea / Italianita


Trumpetflower / Campsis radicans


under Orange- and Tangerine Tree


Löwenohr / Leonotis leonurus


Aloe in front of Tangerine Tree, left in back Loquat Tree (Nespole)


Campsis radicans "Flava"


Trumpetflower/ Campsis radicans


Aibika / Abelmoschus manihot


Ipomoea indica


Retama monosperma (Syn. Genista)


Camellia japonica "Conte de Gomer"


Dendrobium-Hybrid (orchid)


Anchusa italica


Aeonium arboreum


Lemon Tree


Climbing Rose




Mantis religiosa




Adult Mediterranean Tree Frogs (Hyla meridionalis) sitting on Aloe


more about the young Hylas of summer 2008:

(some pictures with explanation in German)

Papilio podalirius on Lavender





More pictures of this Italian garden and the surrounding

(15 pictures in large format with text in German taken during the visit between Febr. 26th and March 4th, 2006)


By the way: I like when someone visits me!

Please get in touch with me to see when I will be in my Riviera garden - by e-mail I can be reached daily. Tnanks to this garden I feel today still quite well.

More about me:

Erika Rusterholz



Riviera dei Fiori - Vortrag

2015 und 2016: Orchideen-Liebhabern habe ich meinen Garten an der italienischen Riviera und ebenfalls kurz die Umgebung mit viel Natur, die nächsten Orte und Sicht auf die Küste am Mittelmeer vorstellen können.

Der Vortrag Riviera dei Fiori - mein kleines Paradies und seine Umgebung- Orchideen, Sukkulenten, Laubfrösche... mit vielen farbenfrohen Bildern und Kurztext (meine Erklärunen dazu fehlen da leider) ist in meinem Forum eingefügt und kann hier als pdf- oder pps-Version angeklickt werden.



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