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PD Dr. Mathias Fehr

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Erfahrungen, Infos, Hilfe

Homepage-Logo "a Breast Cancer and its History"

Summary of the breast cancer documentation with infos, pictures, tips

This Documentation/my History Report includes:


Case History:

Microcalcifications known for years, with all mammograms;

a pea-sized Lump with the diagnosis "free of carcinoma", what next?

Doctor’s Info:

Anamnesis (history in brief) and the happening afterwords: listed in detail

Lectures for physicians, held on Senologie updates, conventions 2005 - 2013

(so far only in the German part of this homepage) and publications in English


Biopsies (samples of tissue) with ultrasonograms, x-rays (= breast cancer), Diagnoses, description stereotactic Mammotome® vacuum biopsy (with animation), Hematoma


description Surgery and Sentinel Lymphnode Biopsy (SLNB), Seroma


Thoughts before/during/after my hospitalstay

Silicone Mammary Implants (Microthane® polyurethane), Areola pigmentation:

see picture documentation with German infos , change of implants.

Scar corrections with hyaluronic acid, with liposuction, with TIGR mesh (in German)

Therapy adjuvant:

Radiotherapy with various views of the irradiated breast (pictures),

Hormonal therapy (Aromatase Inhibitor), Statement Chemotherapy (who needs chemo?)


All results until November 2019, with mammograms until Febr. 2018 and some ultrasound pictures,

also mentioned is my other state of health (with/after aromatase inhibitor, with Tibolon)


Appearance (2003/04, 09, 10), Changes in Mood, Future, Thoughts, Summary (tips),

several Portraits/Interviews in magazines (in German language),

my Garden in Italy (with pictures of flowers and inhabitants, extended in August 2017), a new detailed Riviera-Garden docu - and ship cruises...


The different health problems (single docus in German to click):

my "joint replacements": CapFlex middle joint finger, hip prosthesis + change of pan + change of inlay, inverse shoulder prosthesis / my white skin cancers: squamous and basal cell carcinoma / my vallecular cysts / microsurgical enlargement of the nerve tracts / the new diagnosed "smoldering type" multiple myeloma / left atrial appendage, LAA / heart pacemaker Micra / Op. back bracing lumbar spine / Pleurodese


what is/what means: about eighty breast cancer definitions/terms are explained


Why this documentation? If you like to tell me something. And the course of life of...


useful addresses regarding breast cancer (also more about cordblood)


I warmly welcome you on my website !

Erika Rusterholz