Ein Brustkrebs und sein Verlauf


My Breast Cancer and its History



Adriatic Cruise with MSC Armonia

June 7th, 2013: departure from Venice and June 14th, 2013, return to Venice

via Ancona/Italy - Kotor/Montenegro - Corfu/Greece - Gythio/Greece - Dubrovnik/Croatia

ship in the port of Ancona

ship laid at anchor in Gythio

tender boats from ship to pier in Kotor




in sight: Venice / Venezia / Venedig


Arrival in Venice in the early morning:

The drive along the houses and very many churches and magnificent buildings past St Mark's Square and the Grand Canal, surrounded by many small vessels up to the port at the other end of town -

that was very special and took 26 minutes...


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Video 1



early in the morning on the way to Kotor

morning arrival in the port of Dubrovnik

departure in the evening


sunbathing on upper deck

breakfast on deck

in self-service restaurant

we reach Venice - all on deck!


sunrise in Greece

outside the village: port of Corfu


sunset in the Adriatic


Pictures: Erika Rusterholz

Video:    Roland Rusterholz

Erika Rusterholz