Ein Brustkrebs und sein Verlauf


My Breast Cancer and its History


Breast Cancer: affected by...

Course of Life

Erika Rusterholz


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picture of Dec. 4th, 2010



Dezember 3rd, 1935

born in Zürich / Switzerland

1942 - 1952

6 years primary- and 3 years secondary school in Küsnacht at Lake Zürich /

1952 - 1955

apprenticeship in Zürich with focus on bookkeeping, afterwards bookkeeper in autoimport firm

September 13th, 1957

gone as an immigrant to California, doing bookkeeping in stationary shop and Santa Monica Bank

in May 1959

return home - then working as a correspondent during 8 years in firm trading with machine tools

June 9th, 1962

since that time

marriage - many orchids (as Neeri-Orchids) and during 30 years Red Lorikeets (parrots) and small exotical birds (today only 4 canaries fly through the room) accompanied us through our life

Aug. 1967 - Jan. 68

trip around the world, allone - afterwards private secretary in publicity agency

Summer 1969

certificate as a tour guide and employments for short trips,

during winter months until 1972 secretary of Isopublic's director

1970 - 1992

tour guide (sporadic) for Wolters Tours Bremen (bus tours through Europe with Americans)

and guided tours in Europe and USA for other organizations

March 1972

changing appartement in Zürich with house, glasshouse and garden in Neerach near Zürich

1984 und 1987

2 own group tours organized and guided to Florida + USA's West - it was great!


since then

purchase of a small garden with studio and Portico in Liguria/Italian Riviera -

6 to 8 visits per year at this small paradise in 2 km distance to the Mediterranean Sea

2002 start of our orchid homepage www.neeri-orchids.ch


I try to get acquainted with my first computer...

January 2004

breast cancer on both sides (see my homepage)

November 2004

start of my homepage "a Breast Cancer and its History": www.brustkrebsverlauf.info

I understand myself as a "1-Woman-Selfhelp-Organization"

December 3rd, 2005 a forum to my 70th birthday: www.brustkrebsverlauf.info/phpbb (only in German language)

July 6th, 2009

December 3rd, 2010

my new "look" with breast implants

I am now 75 years old and in very good shape!

October 1st, 2011

start-up of the association "Brustkrebs–Wissen hilft weiter": www.wissen-hilft-weiter.info


perhaps more interesting things will happen in my life...



© Erika Rusterholz